Monday, August 27, 2012

Store Closing

Dear Friends,

I first want to thank everyone for being so supportive and amazing this past year. I never thought it would be possible for me to start and run a successful business while taking care of two children. When I first started Dress Up Jane, my son had just turned one and my daughter was not yet diagnosed with Autism. I thought I had a million extra minutes on my hand, with a supportive husband and family on my side I thought I could do this all on my own. Unfortunately that is not the case, and the last few months I started to feel tired, sick, and worn out from all the "hats" I had to wear throughout the day. We talked about hiring a person to help out, but that was just another person's schedule we would have to juggle into our own crazy lives. The more I thought about what I really wanted at this point in my life, the more I realized I would have to give up Dress Up Jane.

For me it's a bittersweet goodbye. I loved meeting so many new people, I love the clothes, and I believe in my business. In the end though, I am getting to spend more time with my family and for that giving up Dress Up Jane is worth it.

As for the consignments, they will all be returned to the owners within the next two weeks. As for the rest of my stock, I will be selling everything online at 50% off starting tonight and ending Monday September 3rd. Thank you everyone, it has been an incredible experience and I have met so many incredible people, it has been an amazing year!

Thank you,
Rebecca Young & Family