Sunday, July 15, 2012

Markdown Monday- March Markdowns 30% Off

Well it's that time of the week again! I have a secret, I actually like Mondays. My family thrives on routines and for me after a hectic weekend, Mondays give me back our order. This weekend was a great weekend! It was our six year wedding anniversary, plus the anniversary of us moving to Texas ( we spent our 1st wedding anniversary in a hotel in Amarillo and ate at a TGI Fridays at 11pm,  not my idea of romantic). This weekend we went out to a nice dinner (Maddens, in Bryan TX) I was able to fit back in my rehearsal dinner dress ( Vivienne Tam) and I had the top tier of or cake remade from Cake Me Away Bakery

Eating Cake On Our Wedding Day

Speaking of Weddings (because my almost 4 year old is obsessed with them) this was our conversation at dinner the other night:
Grace: Mommy I want you to get married again
Me: To your dad?
Grace: No someone else
Poor hubby :(

On to the Markdowns:

One Kid 2 Piece Outfit $10.50 (ARV $90)

Wes and Willy Pants 2T $3.15 (ARV $45)

The Children's Place Button Down $3.15 (ARV $17.95)

Gymboree T-Shirt NWT $4.20 (ARV $12.99)

Lilly Pulitzer $5.60 (Arv $45)

Samantha Says 2 Piece Set $5.60 (ARV $25)

Mossimo Jeans $2.80 (ARV $14.99)

Gymboree Capri Pants $5.95 (ARV$34.95)

Don't forget to checkout all the other sale items! There are 474 items marked down 10-90% off!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tuesday Tie Up- Baby Gap

Seriously, I LOVE collages. I have such a hard time choosing one picture, and now I finally figured out that I don't have too! Must search "collages" on Pintrest as soon as I am done with this post...

Ok on to the post did you know that brands such as Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree recycle through their lines season after season? You would think that since they have endless numbers of designers on hand they would constantly switch it up, but they don't. Brands know what works for them and if something is popular within a line or a line as a whole, they keep it or change it with minimal variations (case in point check out the 2 denim skirts I have on the collages).  Because of this I decided to start a new weekly blog post (so I can use my new collage making skills) to show you how similar the styles are and by buying gently loved or in the case of the daisy shirt never made it out of the closet and onto the child (we have a bad case of this in our house) you can literally save hundred if not thousands of dollars a year. I'm not saying to never go buy the new style (please buy and don't forget to consign with me when you're done!), but newer is not always better, and sometimes I think they should leave well enough alone (in the case of the new distressed shorts..what were they thinking?!). So without further ado, here is this week's Baby Gap Match Up (and seriously how much better does Dress Up Jane's Collage look compared to Baby Gaps..I think mine is "So Cute")...

Difference in price $114.73. Difference in style 0.
What would you do with the $114 dollars you saved?